Each order is unique and personally customized to YOUR occasion!

You can always save the day with cupcakes and Sprinkles!!

You can always save the day with cupcakes and Sprinkles!!

About Me

How it all began...


About 3 yrs ago, I was looking for a special cake for my best friend's birthday. Not finding exactly what I was thinking of, FOR THE PRICE I needed, the decision was made...I'd try it myself! Afterall, my mother used to make the most beautiful cakes(handmade buttercream, mind you. None of this fontdant overlay stuff). Surely, there was some underlying competence, if not talent...at the cellular level, maybe, I was hoping. So, after a couple days of practice, this(above) was my masterpiece. A heart-felt gift to my friend, a cupcakes pull-apart cake! And there it was, something sparked. I couldn't stop. Practicing, thinking, watching hours and hours of YouTube….I taught and continue to teach myself this ART.



Fully, PROUDLY and properly vetted, certified, permitted and licensed! Servesafe certificate and Allergen Awareness certificate available on request.

Unique Creations


We'll talk and exchange ideas until we get the most beautiful cupcakes and incredibly delicious confectionary delights imaginable for your event! You also have the option of choosing assistance with presentation...be it a table or the whole room.